School Life

  • 坏运气小姐(4)-选课之战


    In the college dorm, Miss Unlucky, Miss Jinx, Genie, and Flash are getting ready for an epic battle – The Battle of Class Enrollment. This is a story from the series Miss Unlucky

  • 爱说话的小女孩


    It was an ordinary morning for Tingting until she reached the school.

  • 教师节礼物


    Xingyu, a Chinese student, learns about Teachers’ Day and is excited about it!

  • 老师,我希望你生病(下)


    After being targeted by his math teacher, Jiang Yang wished for his teacher to fall sick when he received a call from the God of Darkness. However, now he thinks it might not have been a prank..

  • 外国人为什么这样讲话?


    As a language teacher teaching Spanish at a Beijing university, I couldn’t help but laugh when my student made a comment about the word order of the language.

  • 学习英文的理由


    Li Shanshan immigrated to the US with zero knowledge of English, and now she has found an even better reason to study hard.

  • 老师,我希望你生病(上)


    Jiang Yang is used to being abandoned, not just by his school but also by his own mother. However, one day, a teacher started paying attention to him. He was so fed up with her that he decided to skip school and stumbled upon a peculiar telephone booth

  • 你叫什么名字?


    If an old lady wearing a red dress asks for your name, do not tell her!

  • 灯神


    Genie in Aladin grants wishes. What about “Miss Genie” in Meiyun’s dormitory? Find out in this story about a college student in China living with 4 roommates.

  • 我讨厌体育老师!


    Xingyu was not fond of running to begin with, and his PE teacher had to make it worse for him.

  • 她们是姐妹?


    Can siblings really be so different? In Class 1, there are two sisters who share only their last name. Their classmates find it hard to believe they are related. What about you? Do you think they are blood-related?

  • 坏运气小姐 (1) – 坏运气小姐

    坏运气小姐 (1) – 坏运气小姐

    She has a beautiful name, but her life says otherwise.

  • 还有10步


    Li, a Chinese immigrant, is finally used to the new school in the US. She is slowly overcoming her language barriers, but now she is faced with a new challenge: the stairs in front of her.

  • 历史老师


    History class is Xi’s favorite class, but her teacher is acting rather strange today.

  • 坏运气小姐 (2) – 坏运气和乌鸦嘴

    坏运气小姐 (2) – 坏运气和乌鸦嘴

    What happens when Miss Unlucky and Miss Jinx become friends? Miss Unlucky is a fun series with short stories about Zhou Meiyun’s college life in China. Each story is a stand-alone story, so you can pick and choose whichever interests you.

  • 白马王子


    A fateful encounter on the side of the street changed a crying girl’s life…

  • 童年梦想


    She wants be the person who opens the windows in the sky when she grows up. Can you guess what she means by that?

  • 新学校的第一天


    Li, a new immigrant in the US, starts her first day at a new school. She is very excited until she realized… she doesn’t speak English.