The Best Digital Library of Chinese Graded Readers/Chinese Leveled Reader

Why Reading Is Important

Reading is among the most effective, proven, and time-tested strategies for acquiring a new language. Not only does reading expand the learner’s vocabulary, but it also offers exposure to correct grammar structures, natural expressions used by native speakers, and even cultural nuances inherent in a language. However, many learners encounter a critical issue: the lack of suitable reading materials.

The Problem – Lack of Suitable Reading Materials

Reading materials intended for native speakers are often not just lengthy, but also packed with challenging vocabulary and complex sentence structures. These elements can quickly put your reading to a halt and create a substantial barrier to comprehending the text. Learners frequently find themselves consulting the dictionary for nearly every other word, which greatly hinders their progress. This learning experience quickly turns into a draining and tedious task, often causing learners to give up easily and early on. This is precisely where our graded readers come into play.

Our Solution – Graded Readers in the Form of Short Stories

Graded readers are the perfect solution to the biggest reading obstacle that learners face. They not only solve the critical problem but also address other additional issues that an interested learner might encounter.

Appropriate Materials – The Right Level and the Right Content

Research shows that understanding a text without needing the help of a dictionary requires the reader to understand 95% or more of the vocabulary used in the text. To improve one’s language skills, the “input” (reading materials) needs to be one level above the learner’s level.

With this in mind, our team undergoes an extensive process to ensure our stories are properly assigned and written for the appropriate level. It doesn’t matter where you are in your learning journey, we have stories to help you improve your Chinese reading skills.

We have stories ranging from HSK 1 Starter to HSK 6 Mastery. Below is a quick guide to choosing the appropriate level from our growing library of graded stories.

Engaging Materials – Covering a Range of Topics

Once you have found reading materials at the appropriate level, the next barrier is whether the reading material is interesting enough to keep you engaged. You can’t make progress if you can’t even get past the first paragraph!

“Interest is the best teacher.”


Nothing motivates a learner more than their interests. The inner drive becomes the guiding light that propels you forward. When a story captivates you, you will take the initiative to study, practice, and enjoy the learning process.

Our team of exclusive writers recognizes the significance of engaging materials. In addition, they are also experienced teachers and writers with diverse backgrounds and life experiences. As a result, our stories span across multiple categories and genres, offering various perspectives and a range of reading materials. With our ever-growing library of stories, you are bound to find something interesting and entertaining to you to help you learn Chinese.

In our digital library, you will find stories from these categories:

  • Chinese Culture (Traditional & Modern)
  • Chinese Idioms
  • Daily Life
  • Family & Relationships
  • Fairy Tales & Fantasy
  • Horror & Suspense
  • Myth & Legends
  • School Life
  • Travel

With appropriately leveled and fun stories, you will improve your Chinese skills, learn new words, expose yourself to natural expressions and grammar structures, and have fun, all at the same time.

There are two ways to get access to our Chinese Graded Readers.

Method 1: Join Read, Practice, and Improve Club

The first method is to become a member of the Read, Practice, and Improve Club. As a member, you gain instant access to our entire digital library, which includes all the stories from HSK 1 starter to HSK 6 mastery, along with PDF eBooks containing lists of new words, reading comprehension exercises with solutions, audio recordings of the stories read at a natural speed, Speaking Activities eBooks, and access to exclusive members’ events.

Method 2: Purchase Paperback or eBook of Chinese Stories for Language Learners

The second method is to purchase a paperback or eBook version of the Chinese Graded Readers series at your Chinese level. Please note that these books do not include access to audio files or exercises. However, they are perfect for reading and building vocabulary.

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