Practice Chinese Listening and Speaking – 买!买!买!

Practicing Chinese listening and speaking doesn’t have to be boring or tedious. So, grab a cup of coffee, tea, or maybe even milk tea, and join us for a coffee break where we can chat over a Cup of Chinese. 😏 Not only will you hear a natural Chinese conversation, but you will also have the chance to complete listening comprehension exercises to help you understand the conversation, answer interactive questions for you to practice your Chinese speaking skills, and review a list of words to help you solidify them in your long-term memory.

☕️ Here is our game plan

Step 1 – Listen to a natural conversation in Chinese
Step 2 – Complete the listening comprehension exercises to better understand the details of the conversation and practice your listening skills
Step 3 – Get ready because now it’s YOUR TURN to talk about the same topic! 😎
Step 4 – Review the keywords in the video to solidify them in your long-term memory.

🧋 Ready? Let’s Chat over a Cup of Chinese.
Today’s Topic: 买!买!买!Buy! Buy! Buy! Black Friday is right around the corner! In this episode, we talk about our shopping habits and the cultural differences between China and the US from sizing to labeling discounts.
Difficulty Level: HSK 3, HSK 4, Intermediate Chinese

The questions that appeared in the Chinese listening comprehension exercises and their solutions:

1. 那你买衣服是喜欢去商场买还是在网上买?
2. 那你在网上买衣服,不担心号码不合适的问题吗?
3. 谁之前会在打折的时候囤一整年的卫生纸?是Amy还是Luisa?
4. 我看中国购物网站上写的类似打8折,是什么意思呀?
5. 听写下面这段话,把括号中空白的单词补全。

Expand Your Chinese Vocabulary: Words and Phrases for “What Do You Do on the Weekends?” with Example Sentences

网购 – online shopping
我基本上所有的东西都是网购。 I pretty much buy everything online.
导购 – shop assistant
那个导购看看我,就跟那个找货的人喊着说:这边一个大码。 The shop assistant looked at me, and shouted at the person getting the inventory, “A big size over here!”
试穿 – to try on (clothes)
买衣服的话,我还是比较喜欢去商场,因为可以试穿。 When buying clothes, I prefer to go to the shopping mall, because I can try on the clothes.
冲动购物 – impulsive buy
之前我会立刻把它买下来,因为我感觉我挺冲动购物的。 In the past, I would buy it immediately because I was kind of an impulsive shopper.
打折 – discount
现在我一定会等待打折才会购买。 Now I always wait and buy when there is a discount.
打八折 – 20% off
看到你们的商品写8折,我就以为是80%OFF,我就:好便宜哦! Seeing the products (in China) labeled as “8 zhe”, I thought it was 80% off. I thought: What a great deal!
原价 – original price
就是按照原价的80%卖。 It is sold at 80% of the original price (which means a 20% discount)
囤货 – to stock up. To buy a lot of things that you don’t use right now and save them for future use.
有些人就会趁着打折囤货。 Some people take advantage of the sale and stock up.
囤 – buy and save
我有个朋友会囤一整年的面膜。I have a friend who buys enough facial masks to last for an entire year.
实体店 – physical store; brick-and-mortar store
虽然现在实体店也会打折,但是我们大多数时候还是网购的。While some physical stores now offer discounts, we still do most of our shopping online.
买一送一 – buy one get one
有的商家会有买一送一的活动。 Some stores offer deals like buy one get one.
走过路过不要错过! Don’t miss out as you walk by, pass by! It is a popular tagline in China to encourage purchases.