Practice Chinese Listening and Speaking – 中国人最喜欢的运动是什么?

Practicing Chinese listening and speaking doesn’t have to be boring or tedious. So, grab a cup of coffee, tea, or maybe even milk tea, and join us for a coffee break where we can chat over a Cup of Chinese. 😏 Not only will you hear a natural Chinese conversation, but you will also have the chance to complete listening comprehension exercises to help you understand the conversation, answer interactive questions for you to practice your Chinese speaking skills, and review a list of words to help you solidify them in your long-term memory.

☕️ Here is our game plan

Step 1 – Listen to a natural conversation in Chinese
Step 2 – Complete the listening comprehension exercises to better understand the details of the conversation and practice your listening skills
Step 3 – Get ready because now it’s YOUR TURN to talk about the same topic! 😎
Step 4 – Review the keywords in the video to solidify them in your long-term memory.

🧋 Ready? Let’s Chat over a Cup of Chinese.

Today’s Topic: 中国人喜欢的运动 Chinese People’s Favorite Sports
What sport do Chinese people like the most? What are the PE classes like in China? Do Chinese people watch sports competition? What kind of sports competition?
Difficulty Level: HSK 3, HSK 4, Intermediate Chinese

The questions that appeared in the Chinese listening comprehension exercises and their solutions:

1. 在美国的中学的体育课上,学生们会做什么运动呢?
2. 中国人最喜欢做什么运动?
3. 是谁从小到大,一次篮球都没有打过?是Amy还是Luisa?
4. Luisa经常去现场看篮球比赛。这句话是对的吗?
5. 听写下面这段话,把括号中空白的单词补全。

Expand Your Chinese Vocabulary: Words and Phrases for “What Sports do Chinese People Like the Most?” with Example Sentences

乒乓球 – ping pong
中国人最喜欢的运动是乒乓球。 The sport that Chinese people like the most is ping pong.
体育课 – PE (physical education class)
我小时候最讨厌的就是体育课。 When I was little, I hated PE class the most.
跳远 – long jump
小学的体育课会跑步还有跳远。 In elementary school, we run and long jump in PE class.
立定跳远 – standing long jump
你立定跳远可以跳多少米? How many meters can you jump in a standing long jump?
田径比赛 – Track and field competition
还有学生会练跑步,因为经常有田径比赛。 Some students also practice running because track and field competitions are often held.
打网球 – play tennis
在美国打网球贵吗? Is it expensive to play tennis in the United States?
网球场 – tennis court
我住的小区有好几个公园都有网球场。In the community that I live in, many of the parks have tennis courts.
运动细胞 – athletic talent; literally “exercise/sports cells”
我觉得我没有运动细胞。I feel like I don’t have any athletic talent.
突破自己 – surpass one’s limits; break through one’s limits
我加入网球队是因为我想突破自己。 I joined the tennis team because I wanted to break through my limits.
体育比赛 – sports competitions; sports tournaments
你喜欢看体育比赛吗? Do you like watching sports competitions?
奥运会 – Olympic Games
我想去奥运会看篮球比赛。 I want to go to the Olympic Games to watch basketball games.