Let’s Chat Over a Cup of Chinese – 你的2023年目标都完成了吗?- Practice Chinese Listening and Speaking

Practicing Chinese listening and speaking doesn’t have to be boring or tedious. So, grab a cup of coffee, tea, or maybe even milk tea, and join us for a coffee break where we can chat over a Cup of Chinese. 😏 Not only will you hear a natural Chinese conversation, but you will also have the chance to complete listening comprehension exercises to help you understand the conversation, answer interactive questions for you to practice your Chinese speaking skills, and review a list of words to help you solidify them in your long-term memory.

☕️ Here is our game plan

Step 1 – Listen to a natural conversation in Chinese
Step 2 – Complete the listening comprehension exercises to better understand the details of the conversation and practice your listening skills
Step 3 – Get ready because now it’s YOUR TURN to talk about the same topic! 😎
Step 4 – Review the keywords in the video to solidify them in your long-term memory.

🧋 Ready? Let’s Chat over a Cup of Chinese.
Today’s Topic: 你的2023年目标都完成了吗?Did you complete your 2023 goals?
Difficulty Level: HSK 3, HSK 4, Intermediate Chinese

The questions that appeared in the Chinese listening comprehension exercises and their solutions:

1. Amy的运动目标是什么?她完成了吗?
2. 是谁完成了2023年的阅读目标?是Amy还是Luisa?
3. 我们接着回顾2023年哈。你觉得你这一年里最大的收获是什么?
答:对Luisa来说,2023年的最大的收获就是AL Language Cafe.
4. 你有什么后悔的事情吗?
5. 听写下面这段话,补全空白部分的单词。

Expand Your Chinese Vocabulary: Words and Phrases for “你的2023年目标都完成了吗?Did you complete your 2023 goals? ” with Example Sentences

目标 – goal
我今年的目标是学会中文。 My goal for this year is to learn Chinese.
年度目标 – annual goal
你2023年的年度目标都完成了吗? Did you finish your 2024 annual goals?
回顾 – reflect
我们一起回顾一下我们的2023年吧。Let’s reflect on our 2023 together.
收获 – gains, achievement
你2023年里最大的收获是什么? What is your biggest accomplishment in 2023?
遗憾 – regret (in the sense of disappointment); sad
我们的视频观看量还不高,这让我感到很遗憾。 Our video views are still not high, which makes me feel disappointed.
开卷有益 – Literally it means “open the book, there is benefit.” It is a Chinese idiom that means reading is beneficial.
加班 – work overtime
我经常加班到半夜。 I often work overtime till midnight.
体力 – energy
要不是有坚持运动,我根本没体力去加班的。 If I didn’t exercise consistently, I wouldn’t have the energy to work overtime at all.
坚持 – insist; consistently
坚持做一件事情是很难的。 Doing something consistently is very difficult.
后悔 – regret (in the sense of personal responsibility or remorse)
你2023年里有什么后悔的事情吗? Do you regret anything in 2023?