Learn Chinese with Chinese Graded Readers – Starter Level

Reading is one of the most effective and fun ways to learn Mandarin Chinese, but the biggest frustration has been finding the right level of reading materials that are not only appropriate but also engaging to keep reading and improving.

All the short stories in this book are written for beginner Chinese learners. For language learners who have mastered either HSK 1 or HSK 2 (know between 150 and 300 words).

Every story is presented in three different formats to help you learn effectively.

  • Format 1 – Chinese Characters Only – to fully immerse yourself in Chinese and train your character recognition skills
  • Format 2 – Chinese Characters with Pinyin – solidify your pronunciation of each character and deepen your understanding of Chinese structures and grammar
  • Format 3 – Chinese Characters with Side-by-Side English Translation – ensures that you have understood the text correctly and improving your skills in deducing from context and understanding cultural nuances between the two languages

In addition, every story comes with a vocabulary list that focuses on new words so you are always expanding your vocabulary.

This new book is available as eBook or paperback on Amazon.com or Amazon.es

There are a total of 12 short Chinese stories for language learners in this book. You will find the name and a short summary of each of the stories below:

Story 1 – 嗨,我是李珊珊 Hi, I Am Li from China
Summary: Shan Shan – a Chinese girl who is about to have her life turned upside down, and she doesn’t know yet.

Story 2 – 我的家乡 My Hometown
Summary: A 12-year-old girl who recently immigrated to the US is about to discover how different this new place is from her hometown.

Story 3 – 我去上学了 I Am Going to School!
Summary: Li gets ready for her new school, in a new country.

Story 4 – 新学校的第一天 First Day at a New School
Summary: Li, a new immigrant in the US, starts her first day at a new school. She is very excited until she realized… she doesn’t speak English.

Story 5 – 历史老师 History Teacher
Summary: History class is Xi’s favorite class, but her teacher is acting rather strange today.

Story 6 – 还有10步 Ten More Steps
Summary: Li, a Chinese immigrant, is finally used to the new school in the US. She is slowly overcoming her language barriers, but now she is faced with a new challenge: the stairs in front of her.

Story 7 – 我开始写日记了 I’ve Started Writing a Diary
Summary: Do you keep a diary? Xingyu, an elementary student in China, has started writing one. Come and see what his life is like in China.

Story 8 – 下雨天 Rainy Day
Summary: Xingyu, an elementary school boy whose name partially means “rain”, yet he hates rainy days.

Story 9 – 快乐的一天 A Happy Day
Summary: What is a happy day? For Xingyu, it seems simple. What about you?

Story 10 – 水果店的李阿姨 Aunt Li of the Fruit Shop
Summary: When Xingyu’s mom was away, he had to stay at Aunt Li’s fruit shop. Aunt Li was very welcoming, a bit too welcoming…

Story 11 – 我不是中国人吗? Am I Not Chinese?
Summary: Our main character was very excited about her first day going to kindergarten. She was looking forward to playing with other kids until the tall girl made her question her identity.

Story 12 – 找工作 Searching for a Job
Summary: I’ve had many jobs, yet I can’t seem to hold any job down for a long time. I don’t understand why.

This new book is available as eBook or paperback on Amazon.com or Amazon.es

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