Learn Chinese through Reading Short Stories – Basic Level – Chinese Leveled Readers

Reading is one of the most effective and fun ways to learn Mandarin Chinese, but the biggest frustration has been finding the right level of reading materials that are not only appropriate but also engaging to keep reading and improving.

All the short stories in this book are written for beginner Chinese learners. For language learners who have mastered either HSK 2 or HSK 3 (know between 300 and 600 words).

Every story is presented in three different formats to help you learn effectively.

  • Format 1 – Chinese Characters Only – to fully immerse yourself in Chinese and train your character recognition skills
  • Format 2 – Chinese Characters with Pinyin – solidify your pronunciation of each character and deepen your understanding of Chinese structures and grammar
  • Format 3 – Chinese Characters with Side-by-Side English Translation – ensures that you have understood the text correctly and improving your skills in deducing from context and understanding cultural nuances between the two languages

In addition, every story comes with a vocabulary list that focuses on new words so you are always expanding your vocabulary.

This new book is available as eBook or paperback on Amazon.com or Amazon.es

There are a total of 15 short Chinese stories for language learners in this book. You will find the name and a short summary of each of the stories below:

Story 1 – 我睡不着,你呢? I Can’t Fall Asleep, You?
Summary: If you have trouble sleeping, you may be able to relate to our main character. If you don’t, you can get a glimpse of how miserable our nights can be sometimes…

Story 2 – 我的好朋友 My Best Friend
Summary: A fateful encounter on the side of the street changed a crying girl’s life…

Story 3 – 布鲁克林的街道 The Streets of Brooklyn
Summary: To the locals, the streets are nothing new, but to little Li, it is a world of difference…

Story 4 – 新学校,新朋友!A New School, A New Friend
Summary: First day at a new school in the United States! Exciting until you realize you don’t speak English…

Story 5 – 你几点吃晚饭 When Do You Eat Dinner?
Summary: People from different cultures have dinner at different times, what time do the Chinese have dinner? And, what about you?

Story 6 – 我的第一个圣诞节 My First Christmas
Summary: Shan Shan, a Chinese immigrant, is about to experience her first Christmas. What would she think of Christmas?

Story 7 – 我不想过年 I Don’t Want to Celebrate New Year
Summary: While everyone looks forward to New Year celebration, our main character feels differently about the New Year…

Story 8 – 同一个世界同一个妈 Same World, Same Mom
Summary: We might not be blood-related, but we might just have the “same mom”?

Story 9 – 如果没有明天 If There Is No Tomorrow
Summary: What would you do if there is no tomorrow? Watch this short and fun Chinese story to see how different people respond to the very question.

Story 10 – 白马王子 Prince Charming
Summary: A fateful encounter on the side of the street changed a crying girl’s life…

Story 11 – 你别被骗了! Don’t Get Scammed!
Summary: She is part of a special group… a group that she hates to admit.

Story 12 – 没人理我 No One Paid Attention to Me
Summary: The little boy got up as usual and looked for his family members. He tried to talk to them, but they were acting strange.

Story 13 – 下雨啦!It Is Raining!
Summary: In a hot summer afternoon, the long-waited rain is finally here.

Story 14 – 我是一条鱼 I Am a Fish
Summary: What is it like to be a fish? This fish has… hobbies?!

Story 15 – 我的世界是黑色 My World Is Black
Summary: He was born blind, yet he finds the world beautiful, even though it is all black to him.

This new book is available as eBook or paperback on Amazon.com or Amazon.es

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