How to say the days of the week in Chinese – Learn Basic Chinese

Learning to say the days of the week couldn’t be easier in Mandarin Chinese. All you need is one of the two words and a few numbers.

In Mandarin Chinese, “week” is 星期 (xīng qī) or 周(zhōu)。 Then you simply add a number after 星期 (xīng qī) or 周(zhōu)to say Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Mandarin Chinese.

For example:
“One” in Chinese is 一 (yī), “Monday” is 星期一 (xīng qī yī)or 周一 (zhōu yī)
“Two” in Chinese is 二(èr), “Tuesday” is 星期二(xīng qī èr)or 周二 (zhōu èr)
“Three” in Chinese is 三 (sān), “Wednesday” is 星期三 (xīng qī sān) or 周三 (zhōu sān)
“Four” in Chinese is 四 (sì), “Thursday” is 星期四 (xīng qī sì) or 周四 (zhōu sì)
“Five” in Chinese is 五 (wǔ), “Friday” is 星期五 (xīng qī wǔ) or 周五 (zhōu wǔ)
“Six” in Chinese is 六 (liù), “Saturday” is 星期六 (xīng qī liù) or 周六 (zhōu liù)
“Seven” in Chinese is 七 (qī), but “Sunday” is not 星期七. There is no such word. The word “Sunday” in Chinese is 星期天 (xīng qī tiān) or 星期日 (xīng qī rì)

To hear the pronunciations of these words, watch this video:

To practice listening comprehension containing these words (days of the week), listen to this story for Chinese beginners:

故事名称:我睡不着, 你呢?I Can’t Fall Asleep, You?
Summary: If you have trouble sleeping, you may be able to relate to our main character. If you don’t, you can get a glimpse of how miserable our nights can be sometimes…
Level: HSK 2 – HSK 3, Basic Level
Character Count: 245 characters