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Reading is one of the most effective and fun ways to learn Mandarin Chinese, but the biggest frustration has been finding the right level of reading materials that are not only appropriate but also engaging to keep reading and improving.

All the short stories in this book are written for Chinese learners at an Advanced Level, specifically for language learners who have mastered either HSK 4 or HSK 5 (with a vocabulary range of 1200 to 2500 words).

Every story is presented in two different formats to help you learn effectively.

  • Format 1 – Chinese Characters Only – to fully immerse yourself in Chinese and train your character recognition skills
  • Format 2 – Chinese Characters with Side-by-Side English Translation – ensures that you have understood the text correctly and improving your skills in deducing from context and understanding cultural nuances between the two languages

In addition, every story comes with a vocabulary list that focuses on new words so you are always expanding your vocabulary.

This new book is available as eBook or paperback on Amazon.com or Amazon.es

There are a total of 15 short Chinese stories for language learners in this book. You will find the name and a short summary of each of the stories below:

Story 1 – 中国古镇里的美国餐厅
Summary: Our main character visited a small historic town in China and met an American who had been living there since 10 years ago…

Story 2 – 十个太阳
Summary: According to Chinese mythology, there were ten suns at some point 😱 What kind of story unfolded then? An interesting one? Or a horrifying one?

Story 3 – 那个女孩现在是你的女友吗?
Summary: A Chinese girl met a young Mexican while traveling in Mexico on the Day of the Dead…

Story 4 – 中国人的圣诞礼物
Summary: 🤯 A new Christmas trend that not even Americans know about!

Story 5 – 坏运气小姐
Summary: She has a beautiful name, but her life says otherwise.

Story 6 – 塞翁失马
Summary: A series of misfortunes were happening to an old man, how he reacted surprised his neighbors.

Story 7 – 我长得不像外国人吗?
Summary: When you are lost, who do you ask for directions?

Story 8 – 世界很小
Summary: On a solo trip to Jordan, I realized that the world is big, but also small at the same time.

Story 9 – 冬夜之恋
Summary: Winter often gives off a cold and gloomy vibe, but not for the couple from two different provinces.

Story 10 – 新员工和老院长
Summary: It is never easy for an introvert to start a conversation, let alone with a superior, in an elevator!

Story 11 – 妈妈是侦探
Summary: Have you ever been caught doing something you shouldn’t have been? I thought I was the master of sneaking snacks until I found out my mom was a detective.

Story 12 – 相亲
Summary: What do you look for in a relationship? Xiaoli is 31 years old, single, and his family is worried. Today, he is going on a blind date at a coffee shop.

Story 13 – 寻宝
Summary: A man has been out of work for five months and is now struggling to afford food. By chance, he overhears a conversation between a mysterious couple who seem to be discussing a secret treasure. What will the man do with this newfound information?

Story 14 – 我变成猫了(上)
Summary: In a bizarre twist of fate, Xiaoming wakes up to find that his hands have turned into paws. But it’s not just his hands…

Story 15 – 我变成猫了(下)
Summary: From computer games to dried fish, a “little black cat” discovers the ups and downs of his new life in this humorous tale.

This new book is available as eBook or paperback on Amazon.com or Amazon.es

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