Learn Chinese Phrases

100 Basic Mini Dialogues in Mandarin Chinese to Survive Traveling in China

In this free video course, we are going to learn 100 basic mini dialogues in Mandarin Chinese to have a conversation with the natives when you travel to China. Learn these helpful surviving phrases to help you have a better trip in China.

After mastering these 100 short and practical dialogues, you will be able to have short conversations to say hello and goodbye, express thanks and apology, use public transportation, bargain to get a better deal, order food in a restaurant, visit interesting places, and more.

Each dialogue is repeated 3 times to help you practice listening. In addition, there is a pause in between to give you time to practice repeating after the teacher.

The first time is said at a natural speed, followed by a slow speed, and then finally at a natural speed again.

We highly recommend getting the PDF to study on the go as YouTube is not accessible in China.

Click here to get the PDF with all 100 phrases and their translations here.

With the PDF file, you can study and review all the essential words and phrases on the go. You can even print it out, make notes as you go when you watch the video lessons, or simply view it on your phone. It is especially helpful if you travel to China since YouTube is not accessible in China.