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Learn Chinese the Natural Way – Listen, Repeat and Speak

If you are looking for an organized course to learn Chinese easily and effectively, then you don’t want to miss this course. It is completely free and perfect for beginners who want to learn Chinese step-by-step and naturally.

In this series of classes, we follow a natural teaching method that mirrors how we naturally acquire our mother tongue. Just like babies, we listen, repeat, and speak to learn the language. This approach ensures that you learn the language as it is spoken and used in everyday life. If you wish to enhance your writing skills or engage in discussions on more complex topics, reading books and practicing extensively, just like you did in your native language, will be beneficial.

In short, if you want to learn to everyday Chinese that you can use in everyday life, then this is the perfect course for you. This course teaches from scratch, where we will learn the essential words first, then we build sentences with them. Every now and then we might explain the usages or expressions when needed. But otherwise, we follow the natural language acquisition method so grammar is not cover intensively. We focus on listening and repeating. You will also hear each word and sentences at a slow speed and natural speed to help you ease into learning a new language.

Another feature of this video course is that it is designed based on the HSK system. HSK stands for Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, it is the official Chinese proficiency test for non-native Chinese (such as foreign students and oversea Chinese). If you are preparing for the exam, then this course will work for you as well.

HSK is divided into 6 levels.

HSK 1 is the starter level.
HSK 2 is the beginner level.
HSK 3 and HSK 4 are intermediate levels.
HSK 5 and HSK 6 are advanced levels.

Our course primarily focuses on the initial three levels: HSK 1, HSK 2, and HSK 3. These levels are designed for everyday usage, making them ideal for language learning using the natural language acquisition method. By focusing on these levels, we ensure that you learn practical language skills that can be readily applied in real-life situations.

Our Course Structure

Every level of our HSK courses is divided into three sub-courses, allowing us to maximize the benefits of natural language acquisition.

Course 1 – The Complete Course

In the complete course, we follow a structured approach. First, we introduce the new words, then we construct sentences using these words. Throughout the course, we provide explanations on the usage of words and expressions whenever necessary.

Course 2 – Vocabulary Practice

In the vocabulary practice course, you have the opportunity to review all the words featured in the complete course.

Course 3 – Listening Comprehension Practice

The listening comprehension practice course helps you reinforce your listening skills by reviewing the phrases covered in the complete course and enhancing your ability to understand spoken Chinese.

Our courses are designed in a systematic order, so make sure to complete the HSK 1 course before moving on to HSK 2, as words from HSK 1 appear in HSK 2. Similarly, ensure that you have completed learning HSK 1 and HSK 2 before moving on to HSK 3.

Ready? let’s get to the fun part.

Click on the following links to start studying.

Starter Level – HSK 1

HSK 1 – The Complete Course
HSK 1 – Vocabulary Practice Course
HSK 1 – Listening Comprehension Course

Beginner Level – HSK 2

HSK 2 – The Complete Course
HSK 2 – Vocabulary Practice Course
HSK 2 – Listening Comprehension Course

Intermediate Level – HSK 3

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HSK 3 – The Complete Course
HSK 3 – Vocabulary Practice Course
HSK 3 – Listening Comprehension Course