Horror & Suspense

  • 寻宝


    A man has been out of work for five months and is now struggling to afford food. By chance, he overhears a conversation between a mysterious couple who seem to be discussing a secret treasure. What will the man do with this newfound information?

  • 会走的椅子


    Half red, half black, this strangely colored chair kept popping up everywhere I went.

  • 我一定是喝醉了


    On his way home after drinking with his friends, he kept thinking he must be drunk. Otherwise, why would his dead girlfriend whisper in his ear?

  • 乡村医院(3)-黑影


    Linting has returned to her hometown after her grandma collapsed. She heard a ghost story from a child. She wants to dismiss the “nonsense,” but…

  • 端午节杀人案(下)- 龙舟歌

    端午节杀人案(下)- 龙舟歌

    As the exhilarating Dragon Boat Racing event comes to an end, the police officers eagerly await the suspect at the finishing line, hoping to finally close the brutal murder case that happened on the sacred dragon boat. But will they be successful?

  • 端午节杀人案(中)- 龙舟竞渡

    端午节杀人案(中)- 龙舟竞渡

    As the peaceful village gets ready for the annual Dragon Boat Festival and its centerpiece event, a brutal murder occurs on the sacred dragon boat. Will the local police be able to catch the killer?

  • 端午节杀人案(上)- 龙王的诅咒

    端午节杀人案(上)- 龙王的诅咒

    When Daqing, a notorious bully in Chenjia Village, catches a “mermaid”, the village chief immediately advises him to release it as it is the Dragon King’s daughter saying it is a bad omen…

  • 孩子们的游戏


    Mr. Chen went on a business trip but was stuck. He found a hotel and the next morning he woke up to some strange noise.

  • 没人理我


    The little boy got up as usual and looked for his family members. He tried to talk to them, but they were acting strange

  • 乡村医院 (2) – 医院惊魂

    乡村医院 (2) – 医院惊魂

    Her grandma fainted and has been taken to the nearby hospital, but something is eerie about this huge hospital in the countryside…

  • 乡村医院 (1) – 乡村医院

    乡村医院 (1) – 乡村医院

    It has been more than a few years since she last visited her hometown, but something happened to grandma and she had to go back…