Family & Relationships

  • 早起的理由


    My friend Jiang Yang has been preaching about the amazingness of getting married, yet I have noticed that he has been coming to work 30 minutes earlier than usual for the past month or so, and he won’t tell me why.

  • 他真讨厌!


    He is tall, handsome, and charming. Everyone likes him, except me. I dislike him very much.

  • 你相信轮回吗?


    Reincarnation is a Buddhist concept where a person is reborn after death. I didn’t believe in it until I met him.

  • 我不爱弟弟了


    I have many favorites, with my little brother being my favorite person, until the day he returned from the park.

  • 反常的小狗


    I deeply regret bringing my dog to the funeral, now it is acting strange. What is wrong with my dog?

  • 阿喆的烦恼


    Azhe was a carefree boy who loved basketball and was full of energy, but then he started sighing heavily and lost interest in basketball.

  • 惊恐的一夜


    Tingting was sound asleep when she suddenly sat up and pointed in the air and said, “Why are there so many people?” But there was no one in sight…

  • 礼物


    I was thrilled to visit my classmate for the first time and brought a gift with me. However, I soon realized the gift was a failure…

  • 再见,我的宝贝


    “Cherish the time with your pets on your side. For you, they are only a small part of your life. Yet, for them, you are their entire life.” Xiaoli couldn’t stop crying when she read these words.

  • 奇怪的朋友


    She is pretty, has a respectable occupation, and makes a lot of money. However, she is a bit strange…

  • 小妈还是大妈?


    In ancient Chinese society, polygamy, or having multiple wives was a common practice. How would you explain it to a 6-year-old in modern society?

  • 我想你了


    On the way to work, I saw someone who looked like you and I thought of you. On the way home, I started to miss you. And then I missed you a bit more… and more…

  • 最浪漫的话


    Miss It’s OK, whose real name is Pan Lulu, is from a big family. This story explains how she got the nickname, and slightly more.

  • 人生是一场游戏


    Seeing the Mapo Tofu, Grandpa’s favorite dish when he was alive, brought up deep emotions inside me. Oddly, my inner thoughts were blurted out, and the whole family froze at the dinner table

  • 我不要吃苹果!


    Lingling has always been an obedient child, but recently, she stopped eating the apples I put in her backpack.

  • 小气的丈夫


    I am his wife, but I can’t tell whether he is stingy or generous…

  • 我要你也开心!


    What does happiness mean in a relationship? Are you happy if you make all the decisions? Our main character’s boyfriend often says, “I don’t mind, as long as you are happy” when it comes to sharing his thoughts.

  • 老师,我希望你生病(下)


    After being targeted by his math teacher, Jiang Yang wished for his teacher to fall sick when he received a call from the God of Darkness. However, now he thinks it might not have been a prank..