Daily Life

  • 学骑自行车


    When I was little, I self-taught how to ride a bike! However, I had one big problem…

  • 快乐的一天


    What is a happy day? For Xingyu, it seems simple. What about you?

  • 啊!仙人掌!


    In a hot summer afternoon, when I should’ve been doing my homework, I couldn’t help but get distracted by what I see in the courtyard, especially that cactus…

  • 晚上开门的饭店


    If you ever find life too dull, try visiting a restaurant that opens at night. You will find all kinds of strange people here, especially after they get drunk.

  • 我不是中国人吗?


    Our main character was very excited about her first day going to kindergarten. She was looking forward to playing with other kids until the tall girl made her question her identity.

  • 我好像生病了


    I woke up at 8 as usual, but something felt very off. My chest felt very stuffy… I looked online and the search results weren’t not looking good.

  • 下雨天


    Xingyu, an elementary school boy whose name partially means “rain”, yet he hates rainy days.

  • 新员工和老院长


    It is never easy for an introvert to start a conversation, let alone with a superior, in an elevator!

  • 我们今晚吃什么?


    It’s dinner time, Mr. Chen and his wife are thinking about what they’re going to have for dinner tonight. But it seems like a difficult decision.

  • 水果店的李阿姨


    When Xingyu’s mom was away, he had to stay at Aunt Li’s fruit shop. Aunt Li was very welcoming, a bit too welcoming…

  • 有怪物!


    What kind of terrifying creature could a little boy possibly see everywhere he goes, driving him to tears and running home for his mother’s protection?

  • 小猫在睡觉


    My dad got me a kitten for my birthday! I was so excited to play with the kitten until I found out that…

  • 我开始写日记了


    Do you keep a diary? Xingyu, an elementary student in China, has started writing one. Come and see what his life is like in China.

  • 流浪狗


    One day, a stray dog appeared at my doorstep. It followed me to work and followed me home, but it wouldn’t come inside…

  • 我的世界是黑色


    He was born blind, yet he finds the world beautiful, even though it is all black to him.

  • 活着和吃


    Do you live to eat or eat to live? For Li Xiaolei, this is a simple question. What about you?

  • 下雨啦!


    In a hot summer afternoon, the long-waited rain is finally here.

  • 我长得不像外国人吗?


    When you are lost, who do you ask for directions?