Daily Life

  • 积满灰尘的梦想


    If a seven-year-old child were to tell you their dream, you wouldn’t tell them, “No, that is impossible.” Would you?

  • 出租飞车


    After graduating from college with a Civil Engineering degree, I couldn’t land a job. However, I am very satisfied working as a “flying taxi driver” — a word coined by my friends.

  • 早起的理由


    My friend Jiang Yang has been preaching about the amazingness of getting married, yet I have noticed that he has been coming to work 30 minutes earlier than usual for the past month or so, and he won’t tell me why.

  • 你是什么迷?


    Our teacher taught us a new word today—”fan”. A person who loves basketball and plays basketball is called a basketball fan. As I explore the word, I wonder what I am a fan of?

  • 惊恐的一夜


    Tingting was sound asleep when she suddenly sat up and pointed in the air and said, “Why are there so many people?” But there was no one in sight…

  • 你喜欢喝什么?


    What do you like to drink? A seemly easy question is very hard for our main character to answer. Read to find out why.

  • 春天变了


    Spring, my favorite season, became my hell when I turned 14.

  • 晚上开门的饭店


    If you ever find life too dull, try visiting a restaurant that opens at night. You will find all kinds of strange people here, especially after they get drunk.

  • 好天气=暴风雨?


    Rainy days often bring gloominess to many people, but not to me. I love the rain and here is why.

  • 我不是中国人吗?


    Our main character was very excited about her first day going to kindergarten. She was looking forward to playing with other kids until the tall girl made her question her identity.

  • 7岁女孩的烦恼


    My father thinks I don’t know what “worries” are, but dear father, I am only 7 years old, and I already have a lot of worries!

  • 乌龟和我(下)


    It was a sunny day, and I was in full force, trying to make it to the end of the windowsill before the sun went down, when a big, curious head popped over me and interrupted me.

  • 乌龟和我(上)


    I wasn’t sure what “passing away” meant, but it was probably not a good thing. Then as I was bored in the room, I saw something moving on the windowsill…

  • 我好像生病了


    I woke up at 8 as usual, but something felt very off. My chest felt very stuffy… I looked online and the search results weren’t not looking good.

  • 看雪


    I didn’t understand why my girlfriend wanted to see the snow, until I took her to my hometown, and then I finally understood.

  • 找工作


    I’ve had many jobs, yet I can’t seem to hold any job down for a long time. I don’t understand why.

  • 爷爷!上课啦!


    While other teachers work with middle school students, our main character teaches students in their 60s. What kind of lesson are they having?

  • 早睡早起


    It is highly recommended to go to bed early and wake up early. As a computer programmer who works from home, I have developed my own version of “early to bed, early to rise”.