Chinese Culture (Traditional & Modern)

  • 门当户对


    What if you could tell a household’s social and economic status based on the decoration placed in front of the house? This “what if” existed in ancient China.

  • 中国的丘比特


    In Chinese mythology, our Cupid is not an angel with a bow and arrow. Instead, it is an old man under the moonlight called Yuelao. And he does his matchmaking rather differently.

  • 端午节杀人案(下)- 龙舟歌

    端午节杀人案(下)- 龙舟歌

    As the exhilarating Dragon Boat Racing event comes to an end, the police officers eagerly await the suspect at the finishing line, hoping to finally close the brutal murder case that happened on the sacred dragon boat. But will they be successful?

  • 端午节杀人案(中)- 龙舟竞渡

    端午节杀人案(中)- 龙舟竞渡

    As the peaceful village gets ready for the annual Dragon Boat Festival and its centerpiece event, a brutal murder occurs on the sacred dragon boat. Will the local police be able to catch the killer?

  • 端午节杀人案(上)- 龙王的诅咒

    端午节杀人案(上)- 龙王的诅咒

    When Daqing, a notorious bully in Chenjia Village, catches a “mermaid”, the village chief immediately advises him to release it as it is the Dragon King’s daughter saying it is a bad omen…

  • 妈妈说她想当外婆


    Why do young people hate going to family reunions during the Chinese New Year? Why are Chinese parents so eager and fixated on having their children married as soon as possible, and having children of their own? How are the young generation responding to this? Find out in this story.

  • 2023年是兔年!


    One would think that the year of your birth sign would be a lucky year, but the Chinese tradition says otherwise… Is 2023 your Chinese Zodiac sign year? If so… you don’t want to miss this story.

  • 一个特别的新年习俗


    Besides having its own language, the Fuzhounese also have a unique New Year tradition that is the biggest event of the year. If you are interested in Chinese culture and traditions, you don’t want to miss it.

  • 我不想过年


    While everyone looks forward to New Year celebration, our main character feels differently about the New Year…

  • 中国人的圣诞礼物


    🤯 A new Christmas trend that not even Americans know about!