HSK 4-5 Advanced

Horror & Suspense, HSK 4-5 Advanced


After waking up from her nightmares, Lin Ting finds footprints in front of her doorway. Whose footprints are they? Then, when she arrives at the hospital, there is a commotion coming from the hospital room…

HSK 4-5 Advanced, School Life


Genie in Aladin grants wishes. What about “Miss Genie” in Meiyun’s dormitory? Find out in this story about a college student in China living with 4 roommates.

HSK 4-5 Advanced, Travel


Are you excited or hesitant in trying out new foods? Our main character is a curious and adventurous soul who doesn’t hesitate at all, even after running into awkward moments!

Horror & Suspense, HSK 4-5 Advanced


A man has been out of work for five months and is now struggling to afford food. By chance, he overhears a conversation between a mysterious couple who seem to be discussing a secret treasure. What will the man do with this newfound information?

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