School Life

HSK 1-2 Starter, School Life


I started learning Chinese because of a boy, but now I am in love not only with the boy but also with the language. I am even thinking of giving myself a really fun Chinese name. What do you think of my name?

HSK 4-5 Advanced, School Life


Genie in Aladin grants wishes. What about “Miss Genie” in Meiyun’s dormitory? Find out in this story about a college student in China living with 4 roommates.

HSK 2-3 Beginner, School Life


Can siblings really be so different? In Class 1, there are two sisters who share only their last name. Their classmates find it hard to believe they are related. What about you? Do you think they are blood-related?

HSK 1-2 Starter, School Life


Li, a Chinese immigrant, is finally used to the new school in the US. She is slowly overcoming her language barriers, but now she is faced with a new challenge: the stairs in front of her.

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