AL Chinese Stories

All the leveled Chinese stories.

Daily Life, HSK 3-4 Intermediate


It is highly recommended to go to bed early and wake up early. As a computer programmer who works from home, I have developed my own version of “early to bed, early to rise”.

Fairy Tales & Fantasy, HSK 2-3 Beginner


Late at night, almost everyone but Xiaoxue is asleep. As she listens to the sounds outside, various concerns start to creep into her mind until she hears that one distinct sound…

HSK 5-6 Mastery, Travel


“If your mother and I fell into the sea, whom would you save first?” This travel destination for a honeymoon might just save you from answering the question of the century. Come with the author and explore this honeymoon destination. Is it a place that you’d like to go to?

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