• 熟悉的地方没有风景


    On a cold winter night in Europe, a Shanghai girl suggested that we skip class to see the Northern Lights in Norway. What kind of story would unfold there?

  • 坐火车旅行吧!


    On the 8-hour train ride to escape the summer heat, we eagerly set our eyes on the breathtaking views as we traverse through four scenic provinces. What is it that we see?

  • 这个不能吃!


    Are you excited or hesitant in trying out new foods? Our main character is a curious and adventurous soul who doesn’t hesitate at all, even after running into awkward moments!

  • 海边骑行


    How does biking along the seaside sound to you? Follow our main character as she travels to Nerja, a city in southern Spain.

  • 爱上一座城


    Have you ever visited a city and fallen in love with it? Come with me as I explore Frigiliana in Spain.

  • 悬崖上的蜜月胜地


    “If your mother and I fell into the sea, whom would you save first?” This travel destination for a honeymoon might just save you from answering the question of the century. Come with the author and explore this honeymoon destination. Is it a place that you’d like to go to?

  • 世界很小


    On a solo trip to Jordan, I realized that the world is big, but also small at the same time.

  • 我长得不像外国人吗?


    When you are lost, who do you ask for directions?

  • 那个女孩现在是你的女友吗?


    A Chinese girl met a young Mexican while traveling in Mexico on the Day of the Dead…

  • 你拍呀!


    What would you do if you see a towel elephant?

  • 中国古镇里的美国人餐厅


    Our main character visited a small historic town in China and met an American who had been living there since 10 years ago…