Practice Writing Chinese Characters – Learn NEW HSK 1 Characters Systematically

Master 300 Chinese characters step by step, including stroke, pinyin, words, and phrases.

Chinese Characters for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Systematic Practice Workbook is a workbook that is specifically designed to help beginners practice writing Chinese correctly and efficiently. This series contains two volumes. All the characters in these two volumes are from the NEW OFFICIAL HSK 1 (Beginner Level) vocabulary list. So, when you complete the entire workbook (two volumes), you will not only master the 300 must-know Chinese characters from HSK 1 but also acquire knowledge of more than 480 useful words and 330 phrases that you can use in your writing or speaking.

The following videos are accompanying videos designed to help you learn the Chinese characters from the new official HSK 1 list more effectively. In these videos, you will learn the stroke order of each Chinese character. A native teacher also reads all the characters, words, and phrases, so you are not only learning the look of the character but also its pronunciation to help you master the characters.

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Ready to start writing Chinese characters?

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Volume 1 Video:

Volume 2 Video:

About the Workbook

A Systematic Approach: From Easy to Difficult, From Characters to Words & Phrases

The characters in this workbook are specifically ordered by difficulty, progressing from easy to challenging. As you advance, we will begin to form words and sentences with the characters you have practiced. This approach enables you to not only learn how to use these words in sentences or conversations but also allows you to practice the characters repeatedly until you remember them naturally.

Learn Helpful Insights While Practicing Some Selected Characters

In addition to learning to write characters one at a time, you will discover some fun and helpful tidbits throughout the workbook, right beside some of the selected characters that you will be practicing:

  1. Grammar Points – Simplified explanations to help you construct sentences.
  2. Character or Word Origin – Insights into character or word origins for easy memorization.
  3. Word Usage – Avoid common pitfalls by learning the specific usages or exceptions.
  4. Cultural Insights – Gain cultural insights and explore how native speakers express their thoughts.
  5. Pronunciation – Uncover multiple pronunciations or special rules for certain characters.

Note: Please keep in mind that this is not a book on Chinese calligraphy. It is best not to use a brush or fountain pen, as the paper material is not designed for that purpose, and the ink may bleed through the paper.

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