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Reading is one of the most effective and fun ways to learn Mandarin Chinese, but the biggest frustration has been finding the right level of reading materials that are not only appropriate but also engaging to keep reading and improving.

All the short stories in this book are written for beginner Chinese learners. For language learners who have mastered either HSK 3 or HSK 4 (know between 600 and 1200 words).

Every story is presented in three different formats to help you learn effectively.

  • Format 1 – Chinese Characters Only – to fully immerse yourself in Chinese and train your character recognition skills
  • Format 2 – Chinese Characters with Pinyin – solidify your pronunciation of each character and deepen your understanding of Chinese structures and grammar
  • Format 3 – Chinese Characters with Side-by-Side English Translation – ensures that you have understood the text correctly and improving your skills in deducing from context and understanding cultural nuances between the two languages

In addition, every story comes with a vocabulary list that focuses on new words so you are always expanding your vocabulary.

This new book is available as eBook or paperback on Amazon.com or Amazon.es

There are a total of 15 short Chinese stories for language learners in this book. You will find the name and a short summary of each of the stories below:

Story 1 – 你拍呀!Take a photo!
Summary: What would you do if you see a towel elephant?

Story 2 – 孩子们!我家有糖果啊!Kids! We have candy!
Summary: What could be more horrifying than Halloween costumes?

Story 3 – 新年愿望 My New Year’s Wish
Summary: New Year is not just a new beginning for Nana, it is a treasure box that carries her wish from one year to the next…

Story 4 – 童年梦想 Childhood Dreams
Summary: She wants be the person who opens the windows in the sky when she grows up. Can you guess what she means by that?

Story 5 – 画蛇添足 Draw a snake and add feet to it
Summary: Circa 200 B.C., a wealthy family hired helpers to help out with a big ceremony to worship their ancestors, the helpers ran into a problem.

Story 6 – 谁跟着我?Who was following me?
Summary: To live alone meant she needed to ride her bike to work every day. She was OK with it until one night on the way home…

Story 7 – 向橘子道歉 Apologize to the Oranges
Summary: She might have just gotten in trouble because of her 5-year-old niece…

Story 8 – 小灰兔的早餐 Gray Bunny’s Breakfast
Summary: Would you choose to eat the food right outside your home or further away? Are you Gray Bunny or White Bunny?

Story 9 – 活着和吃 Living and Eating
Summary: Do you live to eat or eat to live? For Li Xiaolei, this is a simple question. What about you?

Story 10 – 孩子们的游戏 Children’s Game
Summary: Mr. Chen went on a business trip but was stuck. He found a hotel and the next morning he woke up to some strange noise.

Story 11 – 我一定是喝醉了 I Must be Drunk
Summary: On his way home after drinking with his friends, he kept thinking he must be drunk. Otherwise, why would his dead girlfriend whisper in his ear?

Story 12 – 生日聚会 Birthday Party
Summary: Have you ever wondered what your name reveals about your birth date? These friends share their stories about how their names connect to their special day.

Story 13 – 等你回家的小猫 The Cat that Waits for You to Come Home
Summary: Do you believe that cats are more independent than dogs? Join us as we explore the unique bond between a cat and its owner in “The Cat that Waits for You to Come Home.”

Story 14 – 我男朋友是机器人吗? Is My Boyfriend a Robot?
Summary: AI is a hot topic in 2023. Do you think it is possible for an AI to behave exactly like a human being? What is our main character’s boyfriend doing that leads her to suspect that he is a robot?

Story 15 – 半夜不要喝水 Don’t Drink Water at Midnight!
Summary: What do you do when you need to get a glass of water late at night? Xiaomei lives on the top floor alone. She doesn’t have any neighbors, yet she hears footsteps…

This new book is available as eBook or paperback on Amazon.com or Amazon.es

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