How to say “English (the language)” in Chinese

It is fun and easy to express one’s nationality and language in Chinese. In this article, we are going to explore how to say English (the language) in Chinese. Additionally, we will look at four countries that speak English and learn how to express their nationality in Chinese.

Besides knowing the country name, we just need to learn two more characters:
人 (rén) which means person.
语 (yǔ)which means language

For example:
The United Kingdom is 英国 (yīng guó)
To express British, we simply add 人, so we have British 英国人 (yīng guó rén)
To express English (the language), we replace 国 (guó, which means country) with 语 (yǔ, language).

How to say United Kingdom, British, and English in Chinese

United Kingdom 英国 (yīng guó)
British 英国人 (yīng guó rén)
English (the language) 英语 (yīng yǔ)

How to say America and American in Chinese

America 美国 (měi guó)
American 美国人 (měi guó rén)

How to say Australia and Australian in Chinese

Australia 澳大利亚 (ào dà lì yà)
Australian 澳大利亚人 (ào dà lì yà rén)

How to say Canada and Canadian in Chinese

Canada 加拿大 (jiā ná dà)
Canadian 加拿大人 (jiā ná dà rén)

Hear the Pronunciation

To hear the correct pronunciation of these words, watch the following video:

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