2024年,你的中文学习计划制定好了吗?Let’s Chat Over a Cup of Chinese

Practicing Chinese listening and speaking doesn’t have to be boring or tedious. So, grab a cup of coffee, tea, or maybe even milk tea, and join us for a coffee break where we can chat over a Cup of Chinese. 😏 Not only will you hear a natural Chinese conversation, but you will also have the chance to complete listening comprehension exercises to help you understand the conversation, answer interactive questions for you to practice your Chinese speaking skills, and review a list of words to help you solidify them in your long-term memory.

☕️ Here is our game plan

Step 1 – Listen to a natural conversation in Chinese
Step 2 – Complete the listening comprehension exercises to better understand the details of the conversation and practice your listening skills
Step 3 – Get ready because now it’s YOUR TURN to talk about the same topic! 😎
Step 4 – Review the keywords in the video to solidify them in your long-term memory.

🧋 Ready? Let’s Chat over a Cup of Chinese.

Today’s Topic: 2024年,你的中文学习计划制定好了吗?Have you set your 2024 Chinese learning goals and made plans?
Difficulty Level: HSK 4, HSK 5, Intermediate Chinese, Advanced Chinese

The questions that appeared in the Chinese listening comprehension exercises and their solutions:

1. Amy 是做什么工作的?
2. Amy 在2024年里想要学做哪个国家的菜?为什么?
3. Luisa在2024年最担心不能完成的目标是什么?
4. AL Language Cafe 在2024年里会出版什么书?
答:1. 初学者的汉字练习册 2. 中国传统鬼故事的双语读物。
5. 听写下面这段话,补全空白地方的单词:

Expand Your Chinese Vocabulary: Words and Phrases for “Have you set your 2024 Chinese learning goals and made plans?” with Example Sentences

方向感sense of direction
制定计划会让我在工作时更有方向感。Making a plan provides me with a sense of direction at work.
我不去公司上班,因为我是自由职业者I don’t go to an office because I am a freelancer.
你的年度目标比之前具体很多。Your annual goals are much more detailed compared to before.
钱是衡量一个人是否成功的标准吗?Is money the standard used to measure one’s success?
你的目标听起来不现实。Your goals do not sound realistic.
退路a way out
我没有退路,只能向前冲。I have no way out. I can only charge forward.
好高骛远set their sights high; over-ambitious
我们要根据自己的实际情况制定目标,不要好高骛远。We should set practical goals based on our situation and not set our sights too high.
互相监督literally: mutual supervision; to keep each other accountable
我需要找个人一起学习中文,互相监督。I need to find someone to study Chinese together with and keep each other accountable.
志同道合like-minded; shared interests and goals; kindred spirits
我和他兴趣一样,志同道合。He and I have the same interests. We are kindred spirits.
重蹈覆辙to repeat the same mistakes
我们要找出这次失败的原因,以后不要重蹈覆辙。We need to figure out the reason we failed this time so that we don’t repeat the same mistake in the future.