Myth & Legends

  • 开天辟地


    Before the existence of our world, there was nothing but chaos. In this Chinese mythology, we will explore the creation of the world, also known as The Legend of Pangu.

  • 愚公移山


    At 90 years old, Yugong convinced his family to move the mountain that had made it difficult to reach the city. How did he do it?

  • 中国的丘比特


    In Chinese mythology, our Cupid is not an angel with a bow and arrow. Instead, it is an old man under the moonlight called Yuelao. And he does his matchmaking rather differently.

  • 月亮上的白兔


    When the moon is the brightest, people on Earth can see a rabbit on the moon. What is the rabbit doing on the moon? Find out in this Chinese legend story.

  • 拔苗助长


    When you see your seedlings grow so slowly, why not give it a pull? Or should you? Read this Chinese idiom story to see what the farmer did.

  • 雷公和电母


    In traditional Chinese mythology, there are guardian deities for everything in the world. This is a story about the not-so-handsome Thunder God and his beautiful wife.

  • 战神刑天


    When the war had raging on for 3 years in Xihe City, turning a bustling city into a ghost town, two soldiers, sneaked up and the mountains and prayed for the appearance of the God of War – Xingtian. Would their wish be granted?

  • 塞翁失马


    A series of misfortunes were happening to an old man, how he reacted surprised his neighbors.

  • 画蛇添足


    Circa 200 B.C., a wealthy family hired helpers to help out with a big ceremony to worship their ancestors, the helpers ran into a problem.

  • 十个太阳


    According to Chinese mythology, there were ten suns at some point 😱 What kind of story unfolded then? An interesting one? Or a horrifying one?