Learn Chinese Phrases

Free Chinese Course (HSK2) – 150 Basic Chinese Words with Examples

If you are looking for an organized course to learn Chinese easily and effectively. Don’t miss this course. This course is designed for students who have studied materials from HSK 1. In this course, we are going to learn 150 essential words with examples for every word. The words are from the official HSK 2 vocabulary list.

The structure is the same as the HSK 1 course where we learn the words first, then a sentence with only words from the HSK 1 and HSK 2 vocabulary list. The lessons are structured this way to help you review words from HSK 1 and build your Chinese sentences confidently because you will only be working with words that are either already in your vocabulary bank or are new in this course.

If you haven’t already taken our free HSK 1 Chinese Course yet, please click here to take that course first to build a solid foundation before continuing with HSK 2, which is the next level after HSK 1.

You can get the PDF document of the words and phrases that appear in this video by clicking here.