Learn Chinese Phrases

Chinese Listening Comprehension – 150 Basic Phrases in Chinese for Beginners (HSK 2)

Listen, try to understand, and repeat!

In this free Chinese course, we are going to practice listening comprehension with sentences from HSK 2. If you find the sentences difficult, we recommend watching the foundational HSK 2 course where we start learning the words first and then build sentences with them.

First, we will listen to each sentence twice. Your goal here is to listen and try to understand what is being said. Then you will see the phrase and its translation on the screen.

If you don’t know any Chinese or you find this course a bit difficult, then we recommend starting with the free HSK 1 Chinese Video Course where you can learn Chinese from scratch in a systematic manner to help you build a solid foundation before tackling HSK 2, which is the next level.

Want to make your learning easier? Click here to get the PDF document of the words and phrases in this video.