Learn Chinese Phrases

111 Basic Phrases for Chinese Beginners

In this free video lesson, we are going to learn 111 Mandarin Chinese phrases. Mandarin Chinese is the official language spoken in China and many oversea communities.

After learning these practical phrases, you can introduce yourself in Chinese, know how to say hello in Chinese, talk about your food choices, time, weather, and more.

In this free Chinese course, each sentence is repeated 5 times. The first time is at a slow speed. The second time word by word so you can hear the exact breakdown of the Mandarin Chinese sounds. Then three times at a natural speed to help you improve your listening skills.

Repetition is very important and useful for beginners.

Want to speed up your learning process? Grab the PDF document here that lists all 111 phrases and their translations in this video course series. Click here to grab the PDF.