Learn Chinese Phrases

100 Most Commonly Used Chinese Phrases When Traveling in China (Speaking Edition)

If you have a last-minute trip to China and don’t know any Chinese, then this video is perfect for you to pick up essential and practical phrases that you can use right away when you visit China.

In this video lesson, we are going to learn the 100 most commonly used Chinese phrases that you can use to speak Chinese right away in the following situations:

  • Greetings (Hello and Goodbye)
  • Apologizing and Expressing Thanks
  • Shopping and Bargaining
  • Ordering food at a restaurant
  • Taking the bus, subway, or high-speed trail
  • Asking others for help, asking for directions and more.

Communication is a two-way street: listening and speaking. This video lessons focus on the speaking part. Click here to check out the listening edition of this video series where you learn high-frequency phrases that you will hear when you travel to China.

We highly recommend getting the PDF to study on the go as YouTube is not accessible in China.

Click here to get the PDF of the 100 phrases with translations that appeared in this video.

With the PDF file, you can study and review all the essential words and phrases on the go. You can even print it out, make notes as you go when you watch the video lessons, or simply view it on your phone. It is especially helpful if you travel to China since YouTube is not accessible in China.