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📊 What is the Canton Fair?

The Canton Fair, also known as the China Import and Export Fair, is the largest trade fair in China. The Canton Fair is held in the spring and autumn seasons every year in Canton (Guangzhou), Guangdong, which is located in southern China, near Hong Kong.
The trade fair showcases a wide range of products from diverse industries. If you belong to any of the following industries or fields, the Canton Fair might catch your interest:

  • Businesses looking to source products.
  • Manufacturers seeking suppliers for raw materials and components.
  • Retailers aiming to diversify their product offerings.
  • Entrepreneurs and startups looking to start their own businesses.
  • Industry professionals, and more.

The Canton Fair serves as a platform for networking, discovering industry trends, and building valuable business connections.

🗓️ What is the Canton Fair in Autumn 2023?

The Canton Fair runs from October 15, 2023 to November 4, 2023.

🗓️ What is the Canton Fair in 2024?

In spring, it is held between April 15, 2024 and May 5, 2024.
In autumn, it is held between October 15, 2024 and November 4, 2024.

Free Business Chinese Video Series for Communication at the Canton Fair

If you are traveling to China to attend the Canton Fair but don’t know how to speak Chinese or need to refresh with 100 useful and commonly used phrases that you can use right away at China’s largest trade fair of the year, then this free business Chinese video series is for you.

Business Chinese for Beginners Video 1

This is the first video in the free 3-part business Chinese series. We will learn 34 business phrases in Chinese. We will learn:

  • how to say hello in Chinese
  • how to express thanks in Chinese
  • how to apologize in Chinese
  • how to introduce yourself and your company in Chinese
  • getting to know the products.

The phrases included in this video are short and easy. Even if you don’t know any Chinese, you will be able to learn the phrases by listening and repeating.

Business Chinese for Beginners Video 2

This is the second video in the 3-part series. In this video, we will learn 33 business phrases in Chinese. We will learn:

  • how to ask about product prices in Chinese
  • how to negotiate price in Chinese
  • how to request a product sample in Chinese
  • how to talk about product packaging in Chinese
  • Talk about the types of payments, product delivery and so on in Chinese

The sentences in this part of the video series are slightly longer and include a few business terms. If you don’t know any Chinese or any commercial terms, this video might be challenging. I recommend watching the first video of the 3-part series, where you can find simpler phrases such as greeting expressions and how to make brief introductions in Chinese to help you get started in business Chinese.


Business Chinese for Beginners Video 3

This is the last video of the 3-part Business Chinese video series. In this video, we will learn 33 business phrases in Chinese. We will cover topics such as:

  • how to ask for directions in Chinese
  • how to schedule a time to eat or visit the company or factory in Chinese
  • how to say goodbyes in Chinese

The phrases in this video are not long, so even if you don’t know any Chinese, you will be able to learn the phrases by listening and repeating.


📒 PDF to Study and Review on the Go

We highly recommend getting the accompanying PDF to help you learn even more effectively. Furthermore, since China doesn’t have access to YouTube, having the printout or saving it on your phone will come in handy when you are at the trade fair in China. Click here to grab the accompanying PDF.


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