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  • 你知道吗?
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    Do you know that I am only playing soccer with you because you like it? Even though we are together every day. You don’t know so many things about me.

  • 啊!仙人掌!


    In a hot summer afternoon, when I should’ve been doing my homework, I couldn’t help but get distracted by what I see in the courtyard, especially that cactus…

  • 寻宝


    A man has been out of work for five months and is now struggling to afford food. By chance, he overhears a conversation between a mysterious couple who seem to be discussing a secret treasure. What will the man do with this newfound information?

  • 你叫什么名字?


    If an old lady wearing a red dress asks for your name, do not tell her!

  • 灯神


    Genie in Aladin grants wishes. What about “Miss Genie” in Meiyun’s dormitory? Find out in this story about a college student in China living with 4 roommates.

  • 我的星星


    I find stargazing with a loved one very romantic, yet my boyfriend of 9 years finds it boring 🙁 one night, he had to work overtime…

  • 雷公和电母


    In traditional Chinese mythology, there are guardian deities for everything in the world. This is a story about the not-so-handsome Thunder God and his beautiful wife.

  • 晚上开门的饭店


    If you ever find life too dull, try visiting a restaurant that opens at night. You will find all kinds of strange people here, especially after they get drunk.

  • 两个月亮


    Mother Duck at the park gave birth to ducklings. The sixth duckling is called Sixth Duck–it is the most curious duckling out of all.

  • 半夜不要喝水!


    What do you do when you need to get a glass of water late at night? Xiaomei lives on the top floor alone. She doesn’t have any neighbors, yet she hears footsteps…

  • 相亲


    What do you look for in a relationship? Xiaoli is 31 years old, single, and his family is worried. Today, he is going on a blind date at a coffee shop.

  • 战神刑天


    When the war had raging on for 3 years in Xihe City, turning a bustling city into a ghost town, two soldiers, sneaked up and the mountains and prayed for the appearance of the God of War – Xingtian. Would their wish be granted?

  • 愚公移山
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    At 90 years old, Yugong convinced his family to move the mountain that had made it difficult to reach the city. How did he do it?

  • 世外桃源


    If there is a paradise on earth, what would it look like to you?

  • 她向我走来


    How far can love take you? Will you approach him/her? This is a unique love story at a park.

  • 我不是中国人吗?


    Our main character was very excited about her first day going to kindergarten. She was looking forward to playing with other kids until the tall girl made her question her identity.

  • 会走的椅子


    Half red, half black, this strangely colored chair kept popping up everywhere I went.

  • 我好像生病了


    I woke up at 8 as usual, but something felt very off. My chest felt very stuffy… I looked online and the search results weren’t not looking good.