Family & Relationships

  • 你知道吗?


    Do you know that I am only playing soccer with you because you like it? Even though we are together every day. You don’t know so many things about me.

  • 我的星星


    I find stargazing with a loved one very romantic, yet my boyfriend of 9 years finds it boring 🙁 one night, he had to work overtime…

  • 半夜不要喝水!


    What do you do when you need to get a glass of water late at night? Xiaomei lives on the top floor alone. She doesn’t have any neighbors, yet she hears footsteps…

  • 相亲


    What do you look for in a relationship? Xiaoli is 31 years old, single, and his family is worried. Today, he is going on a blind date at a coffee shop.

  • 她向我走来


    How far can love take you? Will you approach him/her? This is a unique love story at a park.

  • 我男朋友是机器人吗?


    AI is a hot topic in 2023. Do you think it is possible for an AI to behave exactly like a human being? What is our main character’s boyfriend doing that leads her to suspect that he is a robot?

  • 小气的丈夫


    I am his wife, but I can’t tell whether he is stingy or generous…

  • 我们今晚吃什么?


    It’s dinner time, Mr. Chen and his wife are thinking about what they’re going to have for dinner tonight. But it seems like a difficult decision.

  • 春天的礼物


    What do you get when you mix a beautiful spring day, a motorcycle ride, and a patch of fresh bamboo shoots? Join a couple on their adventure up a mountain and find out.

  • 我要你也开心!


    What does happiness mean in a relationship? Are you happy if you make all the decisions? Our main character’s boyfriend often says, “I don’t mind, as long as you are happy” when it comes to sharing his thoughts.

  • 水果店的李阿姨


    When Xingyu’s mom was away, he had to stay at Aunt Li’s fruit shop. Aunt Li was very welcoming, a bit too welcoming…

  • 冬夜之恋


    Winter often gives off a cold and gloomy vibe, but not for the couple from two different provinces.

  • 有怪物!


    What kind of terrifying creature could a little boy possibly see everywhere he goes, driving him to tears and running home for his mother’s protection?

  • 妈妈是侦探


    Have you ever been caught doing something you shouldn’t have been? I thought I was the master of sneaking snacks until I found out my mom was a detective.

  • 猫还是鱼?


    A simple question about birthday gifts turned into a headache for the dad as the kids got into yet another heated argument. Who is going to save the day?

  • 坏运气小姐 (1) – 坏运气小姐

    坏运气小姐 (1) – 坏运气小姐

    She has a beautiful name, but her life says otherwise.

  • 等你回家的小猫


    Do you believe that cats are more independent than dogs? Join us as we explore the unique bond between a cat and its owner in “The Cat that Waits for You to Come Home.”

  • 生日聚会


    Have you ever wondered what your name reveals about your birth date? These friends share their stories about how their names connect to their special day.