Fairy Tales & Fantasy

  • 你知道吗?


    Do you know that I am only playing soccer with you because you like it? Even though we are together every day. You don’t know so many things about me.

  • 两个月亮


    Mother Duck at the park gave birth to ducklings. The sixth duckling is called Sixth Duck–it is the most curious duckling out of all.

  • 爱唱歌的乌鸦


    Birds sing. What about crows?

  • 我变成猫了(下)


    From computer games to dried fish, a “little black cat” discovers the ups and downs of his new life in this humorous tale.

  • 我变成猫了(上)


    In a bizarre twist of fate, Xiaoming wakes up to find that his hands have turned into paws. But it’s not just his hands…

  • 我的世界是黑色


    He was born blind, yet he finds the world beautiful, even though it is all black to him.

  • 我是一条鱼


    What is it like to be a fish? This fish has… hobbies?!

  • 小灰兔的早餐


    Would you choose to eat the food right outside your home or further away? Are you Gray Bunny or White Bunny?

  • 山神


    The great mountain has been flourishing because of the Mountain God. However, no one knew what the Mountain God looked like, until the magpie started to make a claim…