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The Dragon Boat Festival Murder Case – AL Chinese Stories – Graded Reader

AL Chinese Stories is an online digital library that offers graded Chinese stories, designed to help students improve their Chinese proficiency while enjoying engaging and interesting stories.

The short story “The Dragon Boat Festival Murder Case” is a work of fiction created by our exclusive team of writers at AL Language Cafe. The writer behind this story is dedicated to incorporating cultural elements, aiming to familiarize readers with Chinese culture through captivating narratives.

In “The Dragon Boat Festival Murder Case,” readers have the opportunity to explore various traditions associated with the Dragon Boat Festival, which is one of the four traditional festivals in China. Some of these traditions include the Dragon Head Ritual, Dragon Boat Racing, the Folk Song of the Dragon Boat, and the custom of eating Zongzi. The descriptions of these customs are based on actual festival practices observed in cities within Guangdong Province, China.

Although the names of individuals, locations, and events in the story are fictional, the author has drawn inspiration from naming customs in Guangdong Province. For instance, the surname Chen is one of the most common surnames in Guangdong, and names like 水 (water) and 金 (gold) are commonly used in the region. Additionally, it is common in this province to prefix “阿” before a person’s name as an affectionate or familiar way of addressing them, particularly among acquaintances. For example, 阿金 and 阿水.

This story is suitable for advanced-level students (HSK 5, HSK 6) and beyond. If you find it challenging, we recommend joining our Read, Practice, and Improve Club, where you can download the ebook. The ebook includes a list of new vocabulary and English translations for the story, making it an enjoyable and effective way to learn Chinese through captivating stories.


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