Chinese Culture

My Mom Said She Wanted to Be a Grandma – Chinese Graded Reader

AL Chinese Stories is an online digital library that offers graded Chinese stories, designed to help students improve their Chinese proficiency while enjoying engaging and interesting stories.

Discover China’s modern society and culture through the engaging short story “My Mom Said She Wanted to Be a Grandma.” In this story, we will explore the thoughts and perspectives of young people and their parents regarding marriage. If you’re interested in gaining insights into contemporary China’s views on relationships through storytelling, this is a must-read.

This story is suitable for advanced-level students (HSK 4, HSK 5). If you find it challenging, we recommend joining our Read, Practice, and Improve Club, where you can download the ebook. The ebook includes a list of new vocabulary and English translations for the story, making it an enjoyable and effective way to learn Chinese through captivating stories.