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Dragon Boat Festival – Chinese Culture: Origin, Customs, Festival Food, Travel Destination in China

What makes the Dragon Boat Festival such a special, vibrant, and memorable experience? Join us as we explore the history, customs, and cultural significance of this traditional Chinese holiday, and dive into the best places to experience the festive atmosphere firsthand. Not to mention that you can also learn Chinese while explore this fascinating cultural event.

This comprehensive video answers some of the mostly frequently asked questions about the Dragon Boat Festival:
🟢 When do we celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival? Why on this particular date?

🔴 How did the Dragon Boat Festival originate?

⚪️ Who was the Baiyue tribe? Who was Qu Yuan?

⚫️ How do people celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival?

🟡 What is the Dragon Boat Racing like? (赛龙舟,龙舟比赛,龙舟竞渡)

🟢 What is Zongzi (Sticky Rice Dumplings)? Are there different types of Zongzi? (端午节特色食物,粽子)

🔴 What are the best places to go in China to experience this festival?

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