HSK 5-6 Mastery

Horror & Suspense, HSK 5-6 Mastery


When he saw her, he couldn’t resist helping her. Her beauty shook him, and they spent nights together. Then, one day, he saw what was really underneath her beautiful and extremely attractive appearance.

Horror & Suspense, HSK 5-6 Mastery


On an ordinary summer afternoon, an old man was taking a nap in his room when a strange woman dressed in mourning attire entered his room, searching for something. Then she suddenly turned toward the old man..

HSK 5-6 Mastery, Travel


“If your mother and I fell into the sea, whom would you save first?” This travel destination for a honeymoon might just save you from answering the question of the century. Come with the author and explore this honeymoon destination. Is it a place that you’d like to go to?

HSK 5-6 Mastery, Myth & Legends


When the war had raging on for 3 years in Xihe City, turning a bustling city into a ghost town, two soldiers, sneaked up and the mountains and prayed for the appearance of the God of War – Xingtian. Would their wish be granted?

Chinese Idioms, HSK 5-6 Mastery


The sky and the earth have always been a fascinating topic, even in language learning. What are some Chinese idioms that you know that involve the sky and the earth?