Horror & Suspense, HSK 5-6 Mastery


It was already midnight when Mr. Dong returned home after drinking with his friend. He entered his room without turning on the light, eager to go to bed immediately. However, he found an intruder waiting for him there.

Horror & Suspense, HSK 5-6 Mastery


After the war broke out, a father and his only surviving son fled to a village to seek refuge. Since they had no place to spend the night, the father considered lodging at a haunted house where more than 20 people had been brutally killed for unknown reasons. Would you stay?

Horror & Suspense, HSK 5-6 Mastery


When Yu missed his chance to enter the city and was unsure where he was going to stay, he ran into two outsiders: a man dressed in white and a man dressed in black. The man dressed in white politely invited Yu to stay overnight at his house. Would you accept if you were Yu?

Horror & Suspense, HSK 5-6 Mastery


The night Duan Sheng was on the boat to visit his friend, he couldn’t fall asleep. So he took out his lute and began to play. Before he could finish playing the piece, a sigh suddenly came from outside. But he was on a boat, so who could be out there?

Daily Life, HSK 4-5 Advanced


After graduating from college with a Civil Engineering degree, I couldn’t land a job. However, I am very satisfied working as a “flying taxi driver” — a word coined by my friends.

HSK 1-2 Starter, School Life


I started learning Chinese because of a boy, but now I am in love not only with the boy but also with the language. I am even thinking of giving myself a really fun Chinese name. What do you think of my name?

Horror & Suspense, HSK 5-6 Mastery


The West Mansion of Ma Town stood vacant for years. It was said that the mansion was haunted, which even drove away the owner’s descendants. Today, Wei Sheng would uncover the truth.

Horror & Suspense, HSK 5-6 Mastery


There was nothing that could scare him, so his friends played a prank on him on the day of the Qingming Festival, by putting him in a cemetery. When he woke up, he was surrounded by darkness and was thirsty.

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